A Fun Fawn Halloween Tutorial!

Whether you’re dressing as a garish ghoul, a creepy cat or a porky pumpkin this Halloween, make sure to cleanse away any makeup or face paint with our magical, Miracle Cleanser.

The perfect start to any skincare routine, whether you’re wearing makeup or not, this creamy, aromatic infusion cleanses skin leaving it soft, supple, hydrated and beautifully clean with no drying or tightness. If you’ve gone for a full face of Halloween makeup you might find that you’ll need a double cleanse, first to melt any product away, and a second cleanse to make sure skin is perfectly prepped for your subsequent routine. The bamboo muslin cloth is key here and will ensure that your skin is gently exfoliated while all impurities are easily buffed away.

Our Content Manager Antonia shows you how to create a fun fawn halloween makeup look – perfect if you’re in need of a little Halloween inspiration!

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Watch our fun fawn Halloween makeover and see how effective our award-winning Miracle Cleanser is at removing it all! Whether you’re going for a full face of facepaint or just a touch of makeup, ensure skin is beautifully cleansed before bed with this creamy hot cloth cleanser. For a step by step on how to recreate this look, head over to our blog now! #halloween #makeup #halloweencostume #fawnmakeup #aureliaskincare #aurelia #miraclecleanser #creamcleanser #probioticskincare #probiotics #aureliaprobioticskincare

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Prime your skin with the Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser for an even base for the makeup.

Apply your favourite full coverage foundation to create an even baseall over

Use a light taupe eyeshadow colour to prime your eyelids

Create drama with your eye shape using a light brown shade and fluffy brush to enhance the natural crease of your eyes. Wing this out to extend your eye shape for a wide-eyed fawn look.

Using a dark brown, go over the shape you have made using the same fluffy brush.

Using a black pencil line the top lid, extending down to the inner corner and winging the outer corner out dramatically. You can then go over this line with a jet black gel or liquid eyeliner.

To create the doe-eyes you need for the look, line your lower water line with a pure white eyeliner.

Take the white liner underneath the eyes and into the inner corner to extend the eye shape downwards slightly.

Then cheat the shape of your eye with the black pencil to outline the white liner.Outline the inner corner to create an almost tear-drop effect

Using the same brown eyeshadow as the top lid, buff out the line you have created and add plenty of mascara to the top lashes.

For the fawny skin, use a dark cream contour and a dense stippling brush to map out the shape. Use the colour to darken the hairline, forehead and under the cheekbones all the way to the apples of your cheeks. Using a full coverage cream highlighter and makeup sponge, blend the lighter tone into the dark contour. Focus on the forehead and under the eyes.

Create the shape of the nose by using a slightly smaller brush and the same contour shade and applying to either side and up into your brows. Take the colour down to the tip of the nose.

Powder your face liberally with setting powder to ensure nothing moves, and start adding the final details!

Apply eyeliner to look like long lower lashes, a little black nose tip and a line to the mouth. Paint only the upper lip black for a more animal-like feel.

Finally, apply white dots to the contoured areas using the same white eyeliner or use a white facepaint. To finish, stick on some false lashes apply the same colour to your shoulders to complete the trans-fawn-ation!

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