Answering your winter wishes: your guide to beautiful skin this winter

Your wish: Glowing skin

Answer: Day & Night Face Oil Collection

Featuring the brand new Balance & Glow Day Oil and best selling Cell Repair Night Oil our Day & Night Face Oil Collection is perfect for those looking for beautifully glowing skin. Lightweight yet nourishing, both oils featured in the collection are rich in Aurelia’s signature botanical ingredients such as Sweet almond oil, Hemp extract and Kigelia Africana for skin that glows from morning to evening. 

Your wish: Stronger immune system

Answer: Try and get plenty of vitamin D.

Known as the ‘sunshine chemical’, vitamin D is produced by the sun’s rays, so getting enough from food is important when the days are darker. Vitamin D supports the immune system and so can help stave off winter colds, as well as being reported to maintain a healthy body weight and razor-sharp brain function. Vitamin D-rich foods include oily fish and eggs, and there are also many supplements available to help up your intake until sunnier weather returns.

Your wish: Softer hands

Answer: Aromatic Repair & Brighten Hand Cream

Hands will often bear the brunt of winter weather when the lack of moisture in the air can cause chapped skin, dryness and a rougher texture. More often than not it’s hands that are thought about last, so make sure your hard-working friend or family member is looking after theirs with the Aromatic Repair & Brighten Hand Cream. This nourishing treatment cream keeps hands soft and supple and even helps to reduce pigmentation.

Your wish: A simple skincare routine

Answer: The 3-Step Anthology

If all you want is a simple routine that will yield amazing results even after only one week of use, then look no further than the 3-Step Probiotic Routine. In order to make the most of our award-winning probiotic skincare, we created this simple, every day routine for you to follow to protect, restore and balance your skin from within. Perfect for the winter time when skin needs a little more nourishment, this season indulge skin in a routine that will maintain your glow, protect against environmental aggressors and repair hidden damage. Our probiotics are the perfect way to look after skin, and feature throughout the products found in the 3-Step Anthology.

Your wish: A moment to yourself

Answer: Botanical Bodycare Collection

Our Botanical Bodycare Collection nourishes the body and hands with two exquisite, bestselling bodycare products. Nurture the skin with the sumptuous Firm & Revitalise Dry Body Oil which contains a hydrating mix of Kukui, Mongongo and Baobab extracts. Essential oils of Neroli, Lavender, Rose & Mandarin delicately fragrance the skin while offering an exquisite moment of mindfulness. Hands will be looked after with the bestselling Aromatic Repair & Brighten Hand Cream, a rich yet non-greasy daily indulgence to simultaneously hydrate the skin, lock in moisture and reduce pigmentation.

Your wish: A beauty boost

Answer: Stay hydrated

It’s tempting to reach for hot drinks in winter time, but traditional tea and coffee are not quite as hydrating as we tend to think they are, because they are diuretics. Why not opt for a caffeine-free herbal tea which is a bit more comforting than a cold glass of water. Herbal teas are a great way of introducing more water to your body, while warming you up at the same time. Try and avoid fruit teas which are more acidic and can cause damage to your teeth if drunk excessively.

Your wish: Skin rescue 

Answer: Moisturise overnight

Achieve much-needed hydration with our new and ultra luxurious Overnight Recovery Mask. Part of our new Winter Skincare Collection, this rich, creamy mask will comfort, soothe and replenish skin that needs a little more support this winter. In the evening apply a generous layer to clean, dry skin, massaging gently to leave a little product on the skin’s surface. Use 2-3 times per week, or as much as your skin desires, as a deeply nourishing treatment. The gentle lavender fragrance will help to send you into a deep sleep when you get in to bed.

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