1) The Only D you will need is Vitamin D:

Vitamins are essential to our body as it aids the functioning of our immune system and our metabolism. Vitamins can be divided into two sections which are water soluble vitamins and fat soluble vitamins. Citrus food such as oranges, lemons and sweet lime contain loads of water soluble vitamins. Whereas, fatty fish such as sardines, and salmon are rich in fat soluble vitamins. If you wish to counter your habit of consuming food that is bad for the skin, vitamins are a primary essential that you require in abundance to maintain a better metabolism so as to be able to digest complicated food compounds. Taking enough vitamin rich food will balance the acidity produced by bad food which are harmful to the skin and make it look healthy.

2) My Protein Shake Brings all the Boys to the Yard:

Protein is responsible not only in giving us energy but also to restore wounded and damaged tissue.  Protein rich diet will give the body the energy it requires to process the food. However, one has to be really careful with protein. It is common knowledge that high protein foods can cause acne. You may think that consuming a high protein diet will give you more nutrients but in reality, protein is one of the major causes of skin problems. Egg, soya bean, meat, and nuts are all great sources of good protein for your skin but if consumed in excess then they would be prove to be harmful to your system. Similarly, red meat in moderation is great for your body but can quickly turn into a nightmare of an acne outburst if it is excessively consumed. A protein shake is something all athletes swear by as it is loaded with nutrients. It can be easily made at home besides being available in the markets.

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3) You are so Fat!

Just like proteins, fats are another tricky compound to understand. There is an existing premonition that all fat rich food is food that is bad for the skin. That is not true. High fat yoghurt, coconut oil, virgin oil, whole eggs and cheese are a few examples of fatty food that will end up making your skin look flawless. Avoid foods that are bad for skin like processed foods.

4) What do you Call Intellectual Bread? A Complex Carbohydrate!

Yep, indeed, complex carbohydrates are the answer to your skin woes. Complex carbohydrates are packed with more nutrients than simple carbs. They are also very high in fiber thereby regulating bowel movements. Due to this, it makes the toxins leave out body easily and more effectively. Since the toxins are expelled from the body, our health condition improves and in response so does our skin. Foods that are not fibre rich such as fried food etc are foods bad for skin as they not only deposit toxins but do not eliminate them in any way.

The best carbohydrate foods for a person who is wondering what foods to avoid for bad skin are oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatoes, wheat, barley, corn. You might be surprised to know that your everyday staple meal may consist of carbohydrates that make your skin dull and not as luscious as it would have been. Pasta, noodles, white rice, white bread are all processed carbohydrates that are artificially refined as they are stripped off the beneficial fiber.

Overall, one must try to avoid deep fried street food, sweetened aerated soft drinks, processed foods as much as they can. These types of food create trans fat. Trans fat is a type of “bad” fat which heighten several health risks. Trans fat is an absolute nightmare to people who have acne. They cause acne as they trigger a huge inflammatory response in our body. It essentially makes your spots swell up and redden. Some of the most common food items consumed by the people o are loaded to the brim with trans fat. Commercial pizzas, popcorn, chicken nuggets, ice cream are all foods bad for the skin as they do more damage than good in our body.

Therefore, if one wishes to cleanse their skin, one should check what they are consuming. The common saying,“A healthy body – a healthy mind” is absolutely true. Once your skin is healthy, thanks to all the amazing nutrient rich food, you will not only look gorgeous but feel great about yourself too!


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