If you have trouble sleeping, join us in Liberty this month

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare has teamed up with Cognitive Therapist & Sleep Coach, Alexandra Taylor to offer bespoke one to one sessions to address your sleep concerns and help you to discover the perfect night’s sleep. Alexandra will be holding one to one appointments in Liberty to help you find out what you need for a decent sleep every night.

Alexandra is a Cognitive Therapist supporting those struggling with low self esteem and anxiety to lead a life they love and in which they can truly thrive. She believes that a good sleep routine is fundamental for our health and wellbeing.

Alexandra Taylor – Cognitive Therapist & Sleep Coach

Alexandra is an intuitive and considered therapist using techniques from CBT, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Life Coaching to tackle ineffective behaviour and unhelpful thinking patterns that surround poor sleep to empower her clients to regain control over their lives. She is also a trained Yoga and Meditation instructor which uniquely influences the way she works.

Having recently launched a sleep series on her own website, Alexandra has some insights into some of the common mistakes people are making that can inhibit the sleep we are getting:

Mistake 1 – Spending Extra Hours in Bed

If we are feeling groggy or tired, it might seem like a good idea to “make up” for lost hours by sleeping in on the weekends. However, by doing this we actually disrupt our internal body clock, affecting future sleep habits. So if you find yourself wanting more sleep at the weekend, take it as a sign that you aren’t getting enough quality sleep during the week.

Mistake 2 – Paying Too Much Attention to Sleep

Our thoughts contribute significantly to our ability to fall asleep. When we struggle to get to sleep we tend to pay more attention to the process of sleep. We tell ourselves we ‘have’ to sleep, or remind ourselves how many hours there are left until our alarm. These worries about sleep arouse our nervous system and inhibit sleep.

Read on for the full sleep series at aeglemind.co.uk where you can find out more about the common mistakes we might be making before bed, from consuming caffeine to taking too many naps and everything in between!

Meet Alexandra for an appointment on Thursday 10th October at Liberty, London. To book your appointment email liberty@aureliaskincare.com.

Each appointment has a £10 booking fee that is redeemable against Aurelia products purchased on the day. 


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